Learn more about SonoranBot's Discord commands.

Commands Reference

By default, only server administrators (those with Administrator in the guild) can execute any of the below commands. You must use Discord's permissions setting feature to give users access.




Opens role mapping settings


Allows adjustment of various settings in the bot



Links your Discord to your SonoranCAD account



Forces a sync with CAD/CMS. If community is toggled, it will force a sync for everyone in all linked guilds. If not, it will only sync the server its run in.


Links to



Clock in to CMS



Clock out of CMS



Get information on a linked CAD user


Possible flags are link and build


Returns server and community information


Pings the server


Ban Members


Unban Members


Kick Members


Timeout Members


Unmute Members


Warn Members

Deprecated Commands

These commands are no longer in use, please use the specified replacements (or see notes).




Setup additional communities through /settings and they will be linked automatically



Set community to Yes to sync all linked guides. Set community to No or run /sync alone to sync the current guild only.



There is no way to only sync your user. You must sync either the current guild or all guilds (see above)



Automatically detects sync mode. If a CMS community has been linked to your guild, then it will sync to that, and and CAD roles will have to be mapped using CMS -> CAD Permission Sync

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